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Finding your next gig shouldn’t feel like a second job.

At Blue Water, we do our best to help make the time you spend on the road worth it. If you’ve never traveled with us—or at all, you may be wondering exactly how it all works.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3 & Repeat

3. Start your Adventure

Our team helps you get everything ready to hit the road and get started caring for patients at your amazing new gig.

But we’re not finished. Your recruiter is with you every step of the way. They can assist you with finding housing, structuring your benefits, and keeping tabs on how much your temporary bosses love you.

Repeat as Needed

Even before your assignment is over, your Recruiter will work with you to get you set up on your next assignment or extend your current one.  You can also choose to take a breather.  It’s your call.
Once your assignment is up, you can dive right back in or take a breather. Your call.

We’re here with you every step of the way.

1.  Apply

It begins with you. And what you want out of your career and the traveling experience. Some want the chance to see new locations, gain experience working in different facilities, with different equipment, or the opportunity to see the country.

Complete our fast app in minutes or go all-out and submit your resume, skills checklist, and reference form.

2.  We find your match

Your Recruiter will guide you through a series of steps to securing your first gig. Things like establishing your unique skill set, understanding the types of facilities and situations you prefer, polishing your resume, and submitting an official application.

Once the details are squared away, it’s time to start submitting you to open assignments. Phone interviews ensue. Offers arrive. And off you go.


As a travel nurse or allied health professional

What's important to you?


Whether it is paying off student debt, seeing the country sea to shining sea, or paying for a family, we’re under no illusions about money’s role in your decision. We will be totally transparent about this part of the process.


Read on for more about how you get paid.


Housing is a major part of maximizing your earnings. You determine how this component of your package is built—we can assist you with finding housing, although most opt to make housing arrangements on their own.


Read on for more about how we’ll help you manage. 


Blue Water offers all benefits you’d expect from a permanent position: medical, dental, vacation time, and day-one 401(k). We are always exploring new and interesting ways to make working at Blue Water your best bet.


Read on for more about how our benefits package works.


Connect with our team of experts.

A good recruiter should be part business partner, part advisor, and part friend — someone you can trust, someone who really gets you, someone you just click with.


Give Us a Call at (775) 437-5539 or
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